Our company, Limber a trading and service provider Ltd. has been active in the clearly confinable scope of the economy, the production of „electric magnet switches” and components.

Maintainers have been using our products in a variety of domains in trade, agriculture, commerce and transportation.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand on the part of the customers to receive quality products and services from providers or suppliers they can rely on. Our company aims at the continuous elevation of standards both in terms of commerce and in providing services, furthermore we aim to increase the range of our products in a dynamically developing environment.

Our services are of the highest quality and the quality of our products meet the expectations of all our customers - and are at times tailored to meet individual requirements.


Our products and the technological solutions we offer fulfil not only Hungarian specifications but the EU norms as well.

With further inquiries and requests feel free to turn to our professionals, so that you receive not only a product, but also a complex service that best suits your requirements.


General activities:

v     Producing contacts used in electric industry

v     Pressing other components for the electric industry

v     Cutting (metal)

v     Various mechanical works

v     Machining copper, brass and aluminium

v     Producing screws for the electric industry

v     Rivet making



v     Remy Automotive Hungary Kft., Mezőkövesd

v     Transport Service of Budapest

v     Transport Service of Miskolc

v     Transport Service of Szeged

v     Transport Service of Debrecen

v     Central-Eastern-European Transport Services

v     BUDAPESTLIFT Lift-repair company

v     HUSZTÓ Kft.

v     VIZUÁL Kft.

v     N-Rapid Kft.

v     Ventus Kft.

v     Metál-99 Kft.

v     A és A Kft.

v     NAST Kft.

v     Trend-Fix Kft.



H-1193 Budapest, Bem u. 55.



Telephone: 06-29-611-980


Telefax:      06-29-611-981


Cellphone:    06-20-915-2672,