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NACE Structure codes:


      28.52 /03 Machining (metal)

      24.41 /08 Precious metals production

      24.53 /08 Casting of light metals

      25.61 /08 Treatment and coating of metals

      28.74 /03 Manufacture of fasteners and screw machine products

      31.20 /03 Manufacture of electricity distribution and control apparatus


v       Producing magnet contactors and components

v       Producing, renewing electrical contacts, welding and soldering up their silver blank

v       Producing contacts used in electric industry (underground railway, local train, trolley bus, tram, escalator, funcular railway, cog-railway contacts)

v       Stamping, pressing other components used in electric industry (lifts, elevators, lifttrucks, cranes)

v       Tool engineering, -designing, -developing:

          Pressing, stamping tools

          Compound die-casting tools

          Bending tools

          Plate maschining and deep drawing tools

          Other tools for maschining metallurgic steel and silver raw materials

v       Lease-work soldering:

          Soldering 180C 500 C

          Brazing 550C 900 C

v       Producing, trading precious metals industry products, precious metal trading

v       Trading semi products made of silver and its alloys: plate, wire, slab, cake

v       Trading of non-ferrous metals:

          Brass: customised plate, strip, bar

          Copper: customised plate, strip, bar

          Copper alloy, Ag3CuE wire, slab

          German silver, stainless steel: plate, strip, bar

v       Maschining copper, brass and aluminium (valve battery spacers of battery of faucets, guiderails of electric contact chests)

v       Screw producing: customised and mass-serial, screws used in electronics

v       Rivet making:

          Of precious metal: strand diameter 1 3 mm

          Producng contact rivet of silver alloys

          Brass/copper rivets used in electric industry

          Aluminium rivets used in tinware industry

v       Compound:

          Die-casting components used in automotive industry (ABS) and furniture industry

          awitch-levers,fastening studs, producing device faces

v       Producing components made of industrial- s technical porcelain

v       Pressing, stamping:

          plate maschining: 0,1 3 mm

          wire pressing of brass/copper, silver 1 16 mm

          Pressing power: 500 kg 75 metric tons

v       Additional works:

          Metallurgic cutting from metal and pipe: low number of pieces customised and mass production

          Tutrnery and milling of common fasteners, screws, arbors used in mechanics on conventional variety lathes and autolathes


          Mass producing of wooden components




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